Your Parkland Experience

“My life has changed since moving to Parkland night and day. I didn’t realize I would be so pampered – I like it!”

– Henry, client at Parkland at the Lakes-Phase 2

“It is the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships. We all come needing many things and one of the ways we fulfill one of those needs is through social contact.”  

 – Beth, client at Parkland Truro

Beautiful campuses, amenities at your doorstep, endless activities and excellence of service: this is the Parkland Experience.

Enjoy a stroll through the beautiful campus at each Parkland site, appointed with a gazebo, walking paths, gardens, greenery and more. Each campus is calm, lovely and tranquil, and is set against the backdrop of life in your chosen community.

Watch a movie in the theatre or take on your neighbour in a friendly bowling match. Participate in campus recreation, planned by a Parkland employee who has taken the time to get to know you and incorporate your personal interests into the activity schedule.

Experience the quality of living you enjoy when employees care about you, know you and dedicate themselves to your comfort, leisure, health and wellness.

Parkland is your home with a little extra, and your Parkland Experience can be anything you want it to be.