Parkland Cape Breton FAQ

A:We have three types of living at Parkland Cape Breton, Hospitality and Wellness, Assisted Living and Memory Care.

A: Moving into Parkland Cape Breton is different based on the type of living that you choose. Hospitality and Wellness clients can move in when a suite is available. Clients in Assisted Living and Memory Care require an assessment to be completed by a Client Care Manager to ensure that we offer the services required.
A: Parkland Cape Breton is not funded; however, some of our clients qualify for assistance related to their veteran status or a continuing care assessment. Please contact the Department of Health and Wellness to learn more.
A: The cost varies based on the level of service required. Contact our Lifestyle Consultant for more details.
A: All living expenses are included in the rate at Parkland Cape Breton. However, if you choose to take advantage of the additional services offered there would be a charge (i.e. hair dressing).

A: The type of suite and services you require will determine whether or not there is a wait list. Please contact our Lifestyle Consultant for more detailed information.