Parkland at the Lakes FAQ

A: Yes, at Parkland at the Lakes, couples can stay together. Depending on the situation, you may choose to live in Hospitality and Wellness and request the necessary additional services as you or your spouse require them, allowing you to age comfortably in place.

A:Yes, this is your home and you will feel more at home by bringing your own furnishings and decorations.
A:No, some younger adults choose to live here for the amenities, services and lifestyle.
A:At Parkland at the Lakes we are happy to offer a home where pets can stop by to visit. However, we do not allow pets to live on campus.
A:Studies indicate that community is the key to longevity and mental acuity for healthy aging and for peace of mind, as you will have ready access to care if your situation changes. Additionally, Parkland at the Lakes offers a great deal of services and amenities to enhance an active lifestyle. You are invited to take part in any number of recreation activities that promote health and wellness, and encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle. We want you to feel your best and being engaged and active is an important part of making that happen.
A:The type of suite and services you require will determine whether or not there is a wait list. Please contact our Lifestyle Consultant for more detailed information.
A:Parkland offers Care at Home for those requiring additional services in the comfort of their home. Care at Home provides one-on-one assistance, so when the little things seem big, Care at Home`s caring employees are there to help. Care at Home care providers can assist clients with personal care as well as accompaniment to appointments and stay with you during a post-hospital recovery.

Care at Home also offers a Transitional Package to help you settle into your new home.

For more information on Care at Home services call Colleen McKenna, Care at Home Manager at 902-406-8238.

A:Parkland at the Lakes encourages independence and client choice. The Parkland lifestyle ensures you can relax in the social spa setting, make new friends and share interests. If you wish to have a trial run, you can take advantage of our month-to-month rent arrangement. If it is not to your liking, you can choose to leave at the end of the month. You are also invited to join us for special events held on campus or try out a few of our regular activities. For more information about opportunity to come to campus, meet people and see what is available to clients, contact our Lifestyle Consultant.