Parkland Antigonish FAQ

A:This is your home and you bring all your own furniture and make it as comfortable as you’d like.
A: Pets are more than welcome to come and visit. However, they cannot live here due to sensitivities and allergies other clients may have.
A: You are free to come and go as you please and your guests are more than welcome to come and visit. Think of it as an apartment with meals, housekeeping, care if needed and a nurse on staff if you should require one.
A: In Hospitality and Wellness you are provided with two meals per day and you just look after your own breakfast. The meals are included in the price and are not separated out.
A: Yes; assigned parking is available.
A: There are times when you may require a little extra care. Additional services can be purchased at an hourly rate. Refer to the Parkland Plus brochure for more details
A: In Nova Scotia, there is a single access entry process for long term care. Unfortunately being in a Shannex Retirement Living facility does not give you quicker access to long term care.
A:Unfortunately we do not have a doctor on staff. However, you have the benefit of continuing with your current physician who is familiar with your needs.
A:The government does not subsidize Retirement Living. Fortunately, it is one easy payment per month that covers almost all of your costs.
A: Parkland Antigonish encourages independence and freedom of choice. If you wish to have a trial run, you can take advantage of our month-to-month rent arrangement. If it is not to your liking, you can choose to leave at the end of the month. You are also invited to join us for special events held on campus or try out a few of our regular activities. For more information about opportunities to come to campus, meet people and see what is available, contact our Lifestyle Consultant.