Over and Above

I am writing to you to express my thanks and gratitude for all you do. I have always heard the expression “over and above the call of duty” but, over the last number of months, I have come to realize exactly what that means through the exceptional staff and management at Parkland.

In October 2018, we were faced with finding somewhere for my dad to live as he could no longer stay by himself in the family home. We were invited to visit Parkland and could not believe this would be the answer to the issues we were dealing with. The level of care and availability of services were exactly what we needed. The staff and management could not do enough for us. We needed a one-bedroom apartment, but there was only a two-bedroom available at the time. We were able to move dad in to the two-bedroom until a one-bedroom was available. When the one-bedroom was available, Parkland staff moved my father to his new apartment.

It is wonderful to walk into Parkland and be greeted by name by staff, management and residents. Everyone is always so kind and helpful and my dad is treated with dignity and respect. We have had a number of medical issues over the last few months and everyone has helped out. For example, if dad doesn’t show up for dinner, the dining staff will check on him and send a meal to his room. The front desk answers any questions I have and has gone to check on my dad when I couldn’t be there. The housekeeping staff keep everything nice and fresh in his apartment and he looks forward to chatting with them. 

Recently my father had a medical issue and the entire Parkland staff pitched in to look after him. He needed nursing care for a few days and a room was found for him on the third floor. The manager and retirement living coordinator and two staff members transformed this room within hours so my dad could be under nursing care. The care he received was wonderful, and I’m happy to say he is back to himself in his own apartment, joining his friends for meals in the beautiful dining room and taking part in all the activities that are available throughout each week. Since dad moved in to Parkland, he has received excellent service, made a lot of new friends and has a great social life. For myself, I can rest easy knowing how well he is looked after.

When we saw how easy the transition of moving dad in to Parkland was and how wonderful the management, staff and residents were, we decided my in-laws should move there too, and in November of 2018 they did. I would just like to close by saying thank you for all you do, which is definitely above and beyond the call of duty.

Dianne MacDonald